Follow-Up: Resistance Evaluation

Last week, I struggled. I didn’t get anything done and felt bad about it. Truthfully, I did more than I remember, but that bad feeling is hard to beat. Especially when you’re sleep-deprived due to a government mandated time shift that makes no sense, but I digress. I ended the week by thinking about why I hadn’t done anything, and called it a Resistance Evaluation. I came away with a lot of reasons that I outlined in a post. If you missed it, that’s here: Resistance Evaluation.

Knowing why was only half the battle though. I needed to think about how to fix it. I came away with some action items and put them into place this week. They were things like: no phones at the writing desk, more mono-tasking (or, put another way, being more intentional), moving around some routines, and even making sure I recognize that gathering tools or readying a work area count as a sub-task.

So, did it work? I’d give that a resounding hell, yeah!

No phones at the writing desk meant I finished two chapters of my current manuscript project instead of my usual one. Being more intentional gave me the focus to finish the body of a sweater I’ve been knitting for what feels like years (but is actually only six months 🙃). Moving a couple of my routines around meant I was finishing 2 out of 3 of my daily must-dos before 9am, and making clean sewing space” an actual task meant I got some time in on a pattern I’m drafting. Plus, I had time for this very post, didn’t I?

It was a great week. There were still things that went undone, of course, because there always are things, but all of my must-dos were completed, and they granted amazing results. All I needed to do to kickstart that progress was ask myself why.

26 March 2021 productivity resistance

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