Going Down the Stream Deck Rabbit Hole

Lately, I’ve been fiddling with time-tracking my life. Mostly my work life so far, but I’m horribly inconsistent about it. I bought some NFC tag stickers to try to improve the consistency, but there’s only one tag I use, and only when I remember. It’s not yet a habit.

Speaking of which, I forgot to time-track this post. Sigh.

When I was talking about this with a group of productivity- & tech-minded people, someone reminded me of the Stream Deck. And I thought, Maybe.

Then, yesterday, someone else in the same group sent me a picture of theirs. We’re a lovely little group of enablers. I stepped closer to the edge. Over the next few hours, said person gave updates on some of the integrations they were able to set up, and some they weren’t.

The one that intrigued me was the Toggl integration, community built, buggy, and abandoned. Instead of turning me off of this StreamDeck time-tracking adventure, it did the opposite, and made me intrigued. So I may be buying a Stream Deck and building a plugin.

Down the rabbit hole I go; see you on the other side.

3 March 2021 productivity stream-deck time-tracking

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