LoreMasters by Tib Winterfield

I may or may not be biased (but definitely am a little bit) recommending this to you, but one of my great friends and DM extraordinaire Tib Winterfield has a weekly RPG newsletter aimed at bringing new monsters, ideas, and sources to the attention of DMs and players alike.

Tib opens each issue with a home-brew item, monster, or location every week, and oftentimes, one of my characters will make an appearance in the color text. Yes, I am a bit chuffed about it, what about it? So far, I’m amazed by his creativity, coming up with things like a key that turns the space behind any door into a veritable feast, a set of baddies who aren’t just carbon copies of one another, and an entire island map built for PvP!

Alongside his own creativity, Tib shares many more sources from across the RPG spectrum, from a solo-play called Train Tracks (which I am currently running for myself), a completely fleshed out Tea House, and multiple podcasts that are now filling my queue with inspiration!

Some of my favorite editions are linked below, but I really do encourage you to subscribe; it’s a delight in my feed reader every week! It’s hosted on Substack, so you can subscribe on Substack, if you have an account there, get it sent to your email or subscribe via RSS.

Favorite editions:

  • The Isle of Death - featuring the PvP island mentioned above and a rather accurate depiction of how my character Empy bit the dust! Don’t worry, she woke up in a healer’s bed, annoyed that she’d gone through the indignity of being turned into a sheep.
  • Melcad the Deestroyer - featuring a very interesting main baddie that can influence the game for your characters before they even know he exists, a card-based murder mystery game, and the aforementioned Train Tracks.
  • Knowles Gnome Supplies - focused around a fantasy-world supermarket that, despite its name, is always staffed by a bored teenage dwarf. My character Nala has visited the original location in Nook and was baffled at the surly beast behind the counter. Love the way Tib brings practicality and fun together in so many of his creations.

17 June 2022 dnd games rpg recommendations

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