Learning SwiftUI - Day 46 of 100

Hey. It’s been a while. 14 full days, actually. But I’m back, at least for today. I make no promises for my future self.

Today was the final day for the Drawing project, in which I did some review and then the challenges. The review quiz got me a few times; I blame the two-week gap. The challenges were a bit difficult, as I needed to review some knowledge and do some searching to figure out how to do what I wanted, and to do it simply.

It was hard to get into this project and it was hard to stay in it. I think it’s because I still don’t see myself using drawing logic very often. Tomorrow is a new day, though, and I fully expect to get something out of these projects, even if I can’t see it yet.

24 May 2021 100-days-of-swiftui development

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