We’re Going on a Journey!

The last post I put up was about my new theme–The Chapter of Dots–and I wanted to first say, it’s going well. I am learning so much about myself, about how I think, and how I can appreciate the work I do.

But that structure I built up starting in January? It came crashing down in April. Maybe not crashing, maybe it slipped into the mire like an abandoned farmhouse or something, but it definitely came down. My depression and anxiety just could not cope with the structure I’d made, and piece by piece I lost it.

I was okay with that for a while–I just needed to wake up and get through the day, after all–but lately, I’ve been feeling itchy. I know there are things I’m forgetting, roles I’m neglecting, and progress I’m leaving behind. Add in a surprise puppy entering my life when I found her on the side of the road and the fact that every month remaining in this year feels packed full, and I need some of that structure back.

Knowing what I’m dealing with mentally will help me build that structure in a way it can recover from periods where the only goal is get through the day while also not feeling like I’m drowning when I try to resurface.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been focused on just getting the urgent things done. That means focusing on the little things, on the little dots. But, I need to zoom out, I need to see the whole picture. In order to zoom back in to add more dots, I need to zoom out to see what I can’t see at the macro level.

That said, I’ve started doing some introspection. I think this might be a bit of a series, maybe 2-3 posts, but we’ll see, where I walk you through my thoughts on how to zoom my perspective out, get the lay of the land, see where I need more dots.

Talk soon, be well!

15 July 2021 introspection productivity

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