Desk Day - July 2022 - Writing

Writing desk on the south wallWriting desk on the south wall

Happy Desk Day! This month has flown by for me; there have been a lot of changes on this side of the screen, but I’m not quite ready to share them. Instead, it’s time for the next desk in my office, and I’ve opted to show off my tiny writing desk.

At the beginning of 2020, my partner was browsing Facebook Marketplace for gym equipments. This was the height of the surge for home gyms because of the pandemic. Our gym had permanently shuttered its doors, so we were trying to decide whether we waited the pandemic out or if we went for the home setup. That day, he hadn’t found anything we needed, but he sent me a link to a listing for a vintage drop leaf desk. Knowing me as he does, he knew I’d like it, but I don’t think he knew I’d immediately claim it and run out to get it… which I did. It was a steal, what can I say?

Turns out he’d stumbled on an antique that someone didn’t realize they’d had. It’s an early 20th century typewriter stand–a Hi-Lo Typewrite Stand by Metalsmith–produced in bulk for the burgeoning office culture. So I bought it home, wiped it down, and wedged it into a corner of my office to separate my writing sessions from my day job. At first I used a folding chair we’d somehow acquired but have since upgraded to a cute wooden thrift find that is surprisingly comfortable!

I write my first drafts by hand; I find this allows my thoughts to flow without getting caught on typos or grammatical errors. And though the view out that window is the side of my neighbor’s house, having the morning light fall across my page is delightful. At the moment, the pen cup has a pad of sticky notes for thoughts that pop up while I’m trying to focus, a deck of brainstorming cards, and a set of colorful pens for editing, as I’m currently working through the edits on a novel.

To the right is my main desk with sand timers to help me get in the zone within reach, as well as a scented candle and my HomePod mini for soft music while I focus.

To the left, I’ve got a bookshelf with a pen organizer and plant in easy reach. The first shelf holds our Synology for a home server, archive binders for my planner, and the bevy of books I’ve collected about mythologies and legends from around the world which are particularly useful as research for my ongoing project.

Pen organizer with a selection of inks and fountain pensPen organizer with a selection of inks and fountain pens

Top shelf of the bookshelf with research materialTop shelf of the bookshelf with research material

Lower shelves with a selection of less-used itemsLower shelves with a selection of less-used items

With some careful maneuvering, I was able to fit the left leaf of the typewriter desk under the top shelf of the bookshelf in order to buy myself back a smidge more room. Beneath the leaf, there are two more shelves, with the middle holding notebooks and paper of various sizes. The bottom shelf has an old binder system as well as some empty manila folders and some game books. I don’t need them much, so I’ve put them as far out of the way as I can!

Overall, this desk is one of my favorites, because it feels like the perfect spot to sit, sip a cup of coffee in the morning, and get some words on the page.

13 July 2022 desk-day office-organization

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