August & September

Two more months have gone by, and I have two more playlists. I didn’t plan on only writing these posts every other month, but this is what my brain is doing, so we’re going with it!

August Awake - August 2021

I said in the beginning of August that I was beginning to feel more awake, more alive. That carried on through the month, and my playlist seems to reflect that. It’s got everything from the wild upbeat again&again by Against the Current to the moody Old Gods by Emily Scott Robinson, from new music by All Time Low and The Maine (a lot of The Maine) to a Taylor Swift jam. I love the mix, the way the moods swing as the playlist shuffles, and I am still listening to some of these into this month, when I usually get bored after 30 days.

September Sunrises - September 2021

September and the coming of autumn are always when the weather turns enough for me to sit out on my back patio and watch the sun rise up over the tall pines in my backyard. Usually that image evokes ideas of quiet acoustic or soft, fairytale tones… but this year I was in a dancing mood, and a bunch of my favorite bands had singles drop! I’m especially loving Street Lightning by The Summer Set, and not only because this is their first single after they got back together!

Open on October - October 2021: Preview

The month, being only 4 days old, seems to be a lot of throwbacks! I’ve got songs from Lydia and This Century. I’ve been listening to my Discover Weekly and some new songs as well, so who knows how this playlist will go! The name, by the way, is inspired by the way stages are set for plays–open on October, the leaves beginning to turn, and the squirrels burying acorns as fast as they can.

P.S. My friend Justin, who I mentioned last time, launched his self-care app Affirmations. It’s the gorgeous, beautiful, wholesome widget-app I desperately needed through my darkest moments, and I’m so glad he launched it so others can be encouraged by his creation. You can download it on the App Store, or read his blog post about making it.

4 October 2021 music playlists

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