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I’ve been meaning to find a good way to share my music. Every month, I make a new playlist. I’ve been doing this since May of 2019, collecting the songs I’m listening to into one playlist and just leaving that on repeat for the month. Turns out, if I do that, by the end of the month I’m ready for another one. Some are incredibly short, some are long, some have repeats, and all range across my music tastes, so be warned that they may give you whiplash.

So, without further ado, here’s every monthly playlist for the past two years.

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May Away - May 2021

April Showers - April 2021

March on - March 2021

February Flight - February 2021

Dancing in January - January 2021


Full 2020 Playlist

December Freeze - December 2020

New November - November 2020

One October Morning - October 2020

September Out of Time - September 2020

August Rain - August 2020

Oh My, July 2020

Junebug - June 2020

Maybe May - May 2020

April Alone - April 2020

Merry March - March 2020

Frisky February - February 2020

Brand New January - January 2020


Full 2020 Playlist

Decembrrrr - December 2019

November Frost - November 2019

October of Forever - October 2019

Remember September - September 2019

Burning August - August 2019

Flyby July - July 2019

Hey June - June 2019

Mayday Mayday - May 2019

24 May 2021 music playlists

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