Learning SwiftUI - Day 21 of 100

I nearly forgot to write this up today. It was just another day on the guessing the flag game for project two. Generally a quick, easy project, but I got thrown off by some changes—or perhaps I was doing something wrong—between when the tutorial was written and presently. The assets wouldn’t work until I specifically imported them—it was odd. Anyway. On to the review of the project tomorrow.

24 March 2021 100-days-of-swiftui development

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Learning SwiftUI - Day 20 of 100 Project two was introduced today, along with some fun UI elements — buttons, stacks, gradients, alerts. It was a quick session, just focused on
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Learning SwiftUI - Day 22 of 100 Well, today was the review day for the second project — Guess the Flag. The challenges were fun, adding a score tracker, and teaching the player