Learning SwiftUI - Day 19 of 100

Challenge day! Love this. Being thrown into the deep end is truly an amazing way to learn a language.

The challenge, to build a conversion app between different units of the same measurement type (ex. converting temperatures or converting length units), is relatively simple, and used a bunch of ideas from the previous day.

I, naturally, decided to make it a bit hard on myself, and decided to try to account for all the conversions. Why do I do this to myself. 🙄 I could have just done one, but no, had to do them all.

Anyway, I stopped for the day, having only implemented one, but may go back to finish it, because I’ve already learned a few extra things, like HStacks and that the Segmented Picker Style doesn’t show the picker title. Why? We’ll never know. C’mon Apple. Other things to figure out—how to hide UI features until a boolean is flipped somewhere and looking at the Measurement & related classes to make this even easier.

22 March 2021 100-days-of-swiftui development

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