Learning SwiftUI - Day 11 of 100

Protocols and extensions, more review! Well, technically. Protocols don’t exist in C# by name, but you can do the same sort of thing with interfaces. Extensions exist as well, so no surprises there, beyond the usual syntax changes.

Looks like day 12 is one more day of reviewing concepts for the sake of syntax, but days 13 through 15 are literally another round of reviewing everything I just reviewed. So… I may skip to Day 16 on Wednesday. I wanted to be very deliberate with this learning process, but I already feel as if I’m going at a snail’s pace (and I likely only feel like this because I am already a developer. If you are new, this course seems great). So I think I will … deliberately… skip a few lessons. 😉

Plus, learning syntax is easier when I’m typing, not reading.

15 March 2021 100-days-of-swiftui development

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