Learning SwiftUI - Day 1 of 100

I have always wanted to have an app on the App Store. It’s an accomplishment to have one, and I was always waiting for the right idea. Let’s be honest; I have hundreds of ideas, but there’s something about a simple idea, an idea that won’t leave you alone. I have only a handful of them.

I have only one that is simple enough to be a good first app for a team of one, and is also something I want to both make and use (the lucky combo).

Well, if you’re a developer, one would think you could jump right into to building an app… but I want to take this opportunity to really learn SwiftUI and the accompanying best practices of the App Store industry. I want this to be a good app. So I challenged myself to work my way through 100 Days of Swift UI and then to go from there.

I did day one today. I didn’t learn much beyond two or three syntax differences between Swift and any other language, but I’m doing this one step at a time. Step two tomorrow. 👋

1 March 2021 100-days-of-swiftui development

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